Hispin (religious)

תמונות כלליות 001

תמונות כלליות 001

Hispin is a religious community settlement in the southern Golan Heights.  serves as community center in educational, cultural and religious for all region.

This settlement is with a religious nature and complex from diverse society: teachers and educators, well as independent professionals, yeshiva students and more .

Hispin is a center for all religious communities in the Golan.

Established: 1977

Location: south of the Golan Heights.

Height: 430 meters above sea level


Great attention is given to 600 children and youth in hispin .

Early childhood education system in Hispin includes: Ma’on “emuna” a with 3 classrooms,  4 kindergartens.

Elementary School:  golan School (Mamad) 7 grades boys and girls , Talmud Torah: 8 Grades boys only.

High School:  Yeshiva High School includ junior high school and high school. Yeshiva also about 540 students from all over the country. Girls learn in the ulpana in Tiberias and ulpanit Katzrin.

Yeshivat Hesder Golan and it has also Kollel.

Afternoons The settlement system operator Torah classes for children and school gardens, along with activities of Bnei Akiva.

Additional Services:   Regional Clinic of Clalit Health Services,   Specialists Medical Services,   Alternative Medicine Services ,  Dentistry ,  Supermarket ,  Yad Sarah’s Branch ,Swimming pool   Synagogues ,  Mikawa.



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