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Location : Yavneel is a colony and a local council in the Northern District of israel Yavneel Valley, south – west of Tiberias, located on Highway 767 from Kfar Tavor to moshavat kunneret , Established on October 1901, was declared a local council in 1951

 Council consists of 4 adjacent communities: Yavneel , Bayit Vagan , mishmar ha-shlosha and Smadar. The first three were originally colonies and Smadar was originally moshav

The Moshava is located on a hill near Lake Kinneret in pastoral landscapes with the green fields in Yavne’el Valley. Yavneel River flows near the settlement of and then ran to the Jordan River

 In the Biblical Period the Moshava was included on the southern border of the Tribe of Naphtali. in The book of yehoshua Yavneel the name appears twice: Chapter T”V: 11; Y”T: 32 – 33. Also – the name appears in the Jerusalem Talmud

Yavneel the Moshava was recognized as a local council in 1951 but was founded 50 years earlier in 1901, founded by Baron Hirsch Foundation intended to help settle Jews in Israel and was considered “The mother of the colonies in the Lower Galilee.” the Moshava lands were processed initially limited capacities and subsequently extended to agricultural activities commercial scale

The settlement residents – according to the Central Bureau Statistical Release  as of June 2010 has in Yavneel 3400 residents who make a living from a variety of employment opportunities as more communities in the north

 Agriculture, tourism, religious occupations and work outside the settlement. Within its borders operate accommodation for vacationers

Most of the population in the place traditional to secular.  In the eighties settled in a Breslov Chassidim group led by Rabbi Eliezer Shlomo Shick. There are today about 400 families in Yavneel of Breslov Chassidim and they constitute about 30% of the population there

Nearby employment center

 Tiberias , Afula , Beit She’an , Alon Tavor Industrial Park (across from Kibbutz Dovrat), Lowe Galilee Industrial Park (between Golani junction to Poria junction)

Distance from urban center

 Tiberias – 20 minutes drive   Afula – 35 minutes drive   Beit Shean – 30 minutes

Jurisdictional area of the local council covers 32,000 dunams

the Moshava gained the status of “tourist village” is in the momentum of development with construction of new neighborhoods and absorbing families. Today Yavneel combines village atmosphere with quality of life, an ideal place to nurture the future generation, with variety economic base from agriculture, industry and to the free professions, tourism and services

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